Can I change the name on my Alaska reservation?


Did you just reserve Alaska's cheap flights to Honolulu from Newark? With its headquarters in SeaTac, Washington, Alaska Airlines is one of the main American airlines. To assist the passengers in every way possible, the airline has turned no stone unturned. Therefore, if you have a chance to fly with this airline, don't worry at all. You'll obtain help with every problem you might encounter. In case you want to change your name after purchasing a ticket from Alaska Air, the airline allows it. Yes, if you follow specific predetermined rules, you can make the necessary name changes in your ticket at the airline. The process to alter the name of your flight is rather simple because it only calls for a few documents. You can find some simple-to-understand requirements for name changes in this post. Please read this carefully.


Guidelines to Alaska Name Change Policy:

·         Alaska Airlines tickets that you reserve will allow you to change your last name. This will be in the event of a divorce or marriage.

·         In cases where initial names are expanded, the airline makes it easier to submit entire names.

·         You may change up to three characters in your name.

·         To match their identities with the government-issued photo ID, passengers may change their names.

·         You may need a new airplane ticket to accommodate an Alaska name change request. A possible fare difference exists. Read the Alaska Flight Change Policy to learn more about how reissuance functions.


The Name Change Policy:


According to their name change policy, there are several benefits to changing your name before making an Alaska Airlines booking. It is quick and simple, and the majority of airlines allow name changes seven days a week. If there is a misspelling in your name, you can change it. You must provide official documents to be eligible for a name change. If you want to change your identification while flying, get in touch beforehand. Whereas you must supply the below information if you want to modify the name on your ticket:

·         Your current name as per your government-issued ID

·         Your old name as per your government-issued ID

·         The date that the name change occurred


You must be familiar with Alaska Airlines' name-change procedures. You can get help from this airline's customer support staff to make the necessary changes. To update your reservation's name:

1.       Put your login information on the webpage when you get there.

2.      Choose the option "Change Personal Information" under "Manage Bookings" after clicking on that.

3.      Select the flight you'd want to change, then type your last name and first initial.


As mentioned, if you want to change the name, get in touch with the airline's customer service division. You'll have to present evidence of your changed name. Fortunately, this procedure is quick and free. To validate your new name, you will need to produce other documents including a valid photo ID. You might have to fork up more money if you don't have a photo ID. Within 24 hours after making your reservation, you can change your name on Alaska Airlines flights without incurring additional costs.


The name change fee:


Passengers must pay a one-time fee to Alaska Air to alter their names during the booking process. If you book a flight and accidentally make a typo, you can modify the name. If you have a letter change, you must have official documents that have been signed by the appropriate party. At the airport's customer care counter or help center, you can get in touch with the airline. If done within 24 hours of booking, changing your full or maiden name independently will not cost you anything. 


To avoid incurring the name change fee for Alaska Airlines reservations, you can alter your name before boarding. According to the guideline, submit a name change request 24 hours before departure. They may or may not ask you for a fee at this point. Furthermore, Alaska Air will also let you alter your name if you need to do so at the last minute. However, there is a one-time $125 fee that you must pay. And you must also present a two-year valid government ID card while modifying.


Steps to make Alaska name changes:


Follow the instructions below to simply change your name on your flight:

1.       You must check your ticket first, and when prompted, provide your previous name and reservation number. 

2.      The airline will instantly cancel the previous name and book the new one once you've entered the new one.

3.      Then, a message confirming your new name will arrive on your phone.

4.      You can get help from Alaska's customer service if you wish to alter your name on the spot.




After buying your flight, you can modify your name for free as long as you do so within 24 hours. You may make name changes or get more information about the same by calling customer support.